Friday, 6 November 2015

Mtl à Table 2015 -EVOO

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO
 My Mtl à Table stop #2 was EVOO. My first visit to EVOO was during the Montreal mac&cheese week. Their homemade pasta was so satisfying that EVOO was put on my list of restaurants that were definitely worth a second visit.  I am no food critic, but I love to eat.

EVOO is located in the Saint-Henri area of Montreal, which tends to be very trendy hipster like hood. I've been to a few other restaurants along Notre-Dame street,  and every time, I felt like I needed to wear a plaid shirt, thick glasses, and a beanie just to blend into the rest of the crowd. But, not to worry the aesthetics of EVOO is hipster meets elegance. I don't think I spotted a single plaid shirt.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO Menu

What surprised me the most was EVOO included 2 amuse bouche for a $31 meal! Our meal was kicked off with some sort of Brussel sprout. I'm not even a fan of Brussel sprouts, but I did like the taste of this amuse bouche.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO amuse bouche-brussel sprout

For the first service, I opted for the ricotta house salad. I was a little hesitant about this since I generally don't eat a lot of cheese, but the flavours blended beautifully together.  The ricotta cheese was perfectly balanced out by the beets. FYI, some of my friends chose the onion soup, and they were quite disappointed. It was definitely not they typical onion soup they were expecting. It was basically broth and onions, it was still tasty, but they were both slightly disappointed.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO-Ricotta salad

Then amuse bouche #2 arrived. Frozen grapes made into a popsicle to cleanse our palette. There was some sugary powder we were suppose to roll our popsicles in. Essential, it was a fancy adult version of "Fun Dip".

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO-Amuse bouche-grape popsiciles

For the second service, I choose the quail, which was cooked to perfection.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO-quail

Some of my friends choose the Bison rib. One said it was perfectly cooked, the other said it was a little too dry.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO-bison rib

For dessert, I decided to splurge for the Banofee (it was an extra $5).  I love anything with Toffee in in it.

Mtlatable 2015-EVOO-Banofee

The only thing I did not enjoy about the Banofee was the foam. Not sure what it is, but it was a little too sour for my likening.

Bonus, I even got to try the caramel flan thanks to one of my friends who tries to limit her intake of sugary foods.

What I love about EVOO is that they mix a little of molecular gastronomy into their menu. And for $31, you really can't go wrong.

If you're still looking for restaurants to try during Mtl à table week. I highly recommend EVOO, the staff was polite and very attentive, not once did we have to ask for more water.  The bonus, we were never once rushed to leave the restaurant.

Don't forget Mtl à table week, wraps up this weekend.

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