Sunday, 8 November 2015

Gucci At the Mirabel Outlet

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-1

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that the outlet malls in Canada just doesn't even compare to the ones in the US?

This past year, an outlet mall finally opened in Quebec! The Mirabel outlet is located about 30 minutes outside of Montreal.  Only a handful of the stores there are actual "outlet" stores, the rest are just regular stores, which kind of defeats the purpose of an outlet mall.  But recently a Gucci store opened!! The first luxury store in a Quebec outlet mall!

Curious to see if the Gucci store is worth a venture? Click "Read more"
In the Gucci store, you had find  a mixture of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. There are things for guys and girls, and if you're willing to deck your toddler out in designer duds, there is even a small section for children. It is pretty much the same layout our the one's in the US.

I am a huge shoe and handbag girl, so most of my photos are focused on those items in the store.

The shoes were the best deals, all the heels were priced between $309-$329.

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-shoes

Don't these shoes look familiar? The ones with the spiked detailing were in Holts last Winter.  Here they're priced at $329.

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-shoes-2

Boots start at about $500. I have my eye on a pair, just waiting for a great deal to come by.

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-boots

Doesn't the first bag on the left remind you of the opening of Diaries of a Shopaholic? I will admit I was tempted to purchase it. But I refrained myself.

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-pures

Of course every girl needs a power wallet.

Gucci-Mirabel outlet-Montreal-wallets

Have you guys visited the Gucci store in Mirabel? Anything worth the splurge? Please share your finds with me down below.

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