Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Palm Garden Skirt

Anthropologie Palm Garden Skirt-1

If you know me, you know I love a good print, especially on the bottom. Although Summer has come and gone, but with the mild Fall we're currently experiencing I figured I mind as well sneak in this OOTD. This was one of the skirts had I had been living in all summer long. It's summer somewhere in the world.

Anthropologie Palm Garden Skirt-2

Anthropologie Palm Garden Skirt-3

Anthropologie Palm Garden Skirt-4

This palm garden skirt from Anthropologie was the perfect office summer skirt for me. Long enough so I'm don't look inappropriate and the fabric was not only breathable, but structured enough to keep it's shape.  Not only  does this skirt highlight the smallest part of my body, but it hides my buddha belly as well (that's right, I'm not ashamed to admit that I have buddha belly).

Anthropologie Palm Garden Skirt-5

Can we just take a moment and talk about my hair. I have always had long hair and to be honest I was getting a little bored with it. I even think my hairstylist was getting bored, because when I went for my haircut, he was like lets cut it off.  If you know me, you know I have no hair styling capabilities whatsoever. I just have so much hair, and not only is it smooth, it's quite heavy, which translate to no matter how I style my hair, it just doesn't stay.  Even my hairstylist is hesitant when I say can you do an updo.

In the end, I usually just tie it up in a pony tail, which is why in most of my OOTD post my hair is in a pony tail. But with this shorter length I had a little bit more freedom. So I attempted to curl my hair with a straightener, I have no idea how long I ended up with these messy I just woke up curls.   Although it was short lived, I absolutely loved the messy care free look.

Short hair

Top: Club Monaco | Skirt: Palm Garden- Anthropologie | Shoes: Coach Aurora sneaker | Bag: Haltson Hertiage Baby satchel | Sunglasses: Fendi

FIY: All these pics were taken with Lily's Samsung S6 galaxy phone. I must admit the camera on the S6 far superior to my Iphone 6.

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