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Stella Artois-Le Savoir Event 2016

Stella Artois Beer

I randomly stumbled upon an article about the Stella Artois - Le Savoir event. I'll admit, my interest was peaked. Described as a multi-sensory dinning experience in which the different courses were paired with Stella Artois.  I love food, especially when molecular gastronomy is involved.  My only hesitation, was the beer. Since Le Savoir was centred around the Stella Artois beer, I was a little iffy about buying tickets.  I am not a beer drinker,  I really dislike the bitterness of beer, and quite frankly don't know how to appreciate it. On top of that Stella Artois is a lager, which makes it quite bitter. But I decided to take a gamble and I didn't regret it.

I tried to find out more about the Le Savoir event before spending $100 bucks on basically beer. When my googling came up empty handed, I discovered that this was the first time ever an event like this was being held.  And Montreal was the first pit stop, it couldn't be too much of a risk if this event was also travelling to NY and Buenos Ares.   I managed to rope Connie into coming, and basically the event was phenomenal.  I would described Le Savior as an adult version of Harry Potter arriving at Hogwarts dinning hall. At least that's how Connie and I felt.

Le Savoir, takes you through all 4 seasons and is set up in a way that plays on all 5 of your senses. You start off walking through Winter and end up in the forgotten garden.  The forgotten garden was pretty much set up in a way in which you were basically foraging for food. Carrots in edible soil, spice infused tomatoes on vines and of course wild mushrooms. Each food station was set up to compliment the different elements of Stella Artois. I must admit, during the forgotten garden portion of the night I was starting to like Stella Artois. But if you were not a beer drinker, they actually had a Stella Artois soda, in which they took the hops/grains use to make Stella Artois and made it into a syrup. Add in some carbonated water and volia, a virgin Stella Artois.

Stella Artois Soda

Sorry for the lack of pics, it's hard to take pics, while holding  a pint of beer in one hand while trying to vlog with the other.  Did I mention I was also trying to eat at the same time! If you're curious about the vibe of the forgotten garden, check out my video below. But I did manage to get a pic of the wild mushrooms.

Stella Artois Le Savoir mushroom pate

Once you have completed the forgotten garden, you make your way to dinner in the green house.

Stella Artois Le Savoir green house

Both Connie and I felt like we were walking into the dinning hall of Hogwarts.  There was even a mirror, which reminded us of the mirror of Erised from the Philospher's stone.

Stella Artois Le Savoir Candle

They lit candles in which you were suppose to dip your bread into the melted wax. It's suppose to be butter, but it really did feel like you were eating wax, but it was flavoured somehow.

Stella Artois Le Savoir  Main meal

The main meal consisted of pork (which was cooked to perfection), along with Chinese broccoli, sticky rice, with grilled pineapple which was topped off with a ginger and prune sauce.  It was the molecular gastronomy that saved this dish for us.  Don't get me wrong, the food was beautifully cooked and tasted delicious, but it basically tasted like a fancier more expensive version of a typical Chinese meal. Connie and I both grew up eating Chinese Bbq pork, Chinese broccoli, and sticky rice.  This combination was nothing new to us.

Next up was the dessert. which I was super excited for.

Stella Artois Le Savoir  dessert

Describe as honey jello topped off with goat cottage cheese, granola and crispy malted grains accompanied with berries. I loved the taste of the honey jello, but yet again the taste was very familiar to both of us. It finally dawned on us that, it basically tasted like that honey lemon drink from Chinese bubble tea shops.

Did I mention that our dessert also glowed in the dark. How cool is that.

Stella Artois Le Savoir  dessert-glow in the dark

If you are a beer drinker, Le Savoir is definitely an event for you. Basically for $100 you have unlimited beer. I think Connie and I combined drank like half a pint, a full pint if we pushed our estimation. Le Savoir was definitely an experience.

If you're curious how the night plays out, check out my video below.

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