Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sushi Momo-Vegan Sushi

Sushi Momo

Since it was recently Lily's B-day, which meant, she had carte blanche on where she wanted to eat. And of course she managed to find a vegan sushi restaurant to go along with her vegan B-day cake. Yes, you read that correctly, vegan sushi.

Disclaimer: Either of us are vegans, Lily tends to be a more healthy eater. Anything with the words, organic, gluten free, and vegan she'll be down for. Where as for me,  I'll eat anything and practically every thing, although I tend to stir away from things that are organic and gluten free. Basically anything that ooze's "healthy".

Since it was her, B-day, I couldn't veto her choice for vegan sushi. So off we went to Sushi Momo in the plateau. To be honest, I was quite surprised by the vegan sushi, some of it actually felt and tasted like real fish. It was quite strange but in a good way.

We opted for the taster's menu which was perfect for 2, there was no way we were gonna bring our parents to vegan sushi. We would have never have heard the end of it. The vegan cake, was already hard enough to explain to them. Our mom kept complaining about the price of the cake especially since it had no eggs or milk. To her the vegan cakes should be cheaper since it didn't contain any of the expensive ingredients.

I've had vegan meals before and I was anticipating that we would need to make a pit stop, but I was surprisingly full. Just in case we were still hungry, we actually had our eye on the vegan sweet potato poutine.

The taster's menu consisted of a salad, a choice of dumplings or imperial rolls, 25 pieces of sushi (chef's choice) followed by vegan ice cream for $44.

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-1
Edamame beans to tie us over until our meal arrived

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-mango salad
A mango salad

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-dumplings
We opted for the dumplings

Warning, the dipping sauce is quite spicy.

And now for the sushi...

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-sushi

Just look at the presentation.

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-sushi-2
Doesn't this just look like real sushi?!

This was our favorite, no idea what's it's called, but it's definitely made of zucchinis.

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-sushi-3

We wrapped up our meal with vegan chocolate ice cream

Sushi Momo-taster's menu-vegan ice cream

If you're curious about vegan sushi, head on over to Sushi Momo but I would highly recommend making reservations, the place is tiny. And when I say tiny, I  mean tiny, there are like literally like 6 tables in there.

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