Monday, 1 February 2016

Spotted: Rag&Bone Dixon Booties

Rag&Bone Dixon Booties-1

Sorry for the absence, unforeseen circumstances basically kept me away from blogging the whole month of December. It was a basically a drop everything, family comes first kinda of month.  As, for the month of January, I was basically just trying to catch up on my back log at work.  Boy, going to work and sitting in front of a computer 7 days a week, just sucks A@$! I basically just didn't even want to turn on my computer by the time I got home. But things have slightly calmed down enough, that I can resume our regular programming!

Rag&Bone Dixon Booties-2

I spotted these Rag&Bone Dixon booties at HR2 after boxing day, and I snatched these up at a steal. They originally retailed for $608 and I managed to snap these up for $228.  The best part is, they were on sale on SSENSE for $438.
Rag&Bone Dixon Booties-3

I've always wanted a pair of chelsea boots, but I never found a pair that I loved.  When I spotted these I was on the fence about these booties because of the shape, I felt that they would make my foot look bigger than it really is.  Lily's assurance coupled with the fact that I desperately needed a pair of black booties, I decided to bite the bullet. To be honest, after a couple of wears, these Dixon booties are actually growing on me. The heel is not too high, making it perfect long work days.

Hopefully they are still available at HR2.


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