Sunday, 4 October 2015

One Republic Native Tour 2015

One Republic Native Tour 2015

My 2015 concert season was kicked started by One Republic. One Republic has always been one of the bands I have always wanted to see live and when it was announced that the Native Tour was coming to Montreal, I was like "Lily...we're going to see One Republic, you in?!"

One Republic is one of the few bands that actually still write real songs.   There are no lyrics that contain any words that reference butts or some kind of body part which has seem to make it's way into pop songs nowadays.

Their opening act was a Canadian artist known as Lights . Lily and I were a bit late so we missed half the opening act. But we did make it in time to catch her perform "Up We Go". I'll be brutally honest, that was the only song I knew, so I'm glad I was able to at least catch her performing it.

Opening Act: Lights

The Native tour was different compared to all the other concerts I've been to. No dancers, no back up singers, no custom changes, no crazy light shows by the moment factory. It was just them and their instruments  and  that was more than enough. Did I mention that they are the one band that I know of that have been able to incorporate a cello and viola.

One Republic

Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins

Ryan Tedder-Something I need

Ryan performing some acrobatics during "Something I need".

One Republic-Apologize

I always love the moments when everyone just holds up their cell phones during ballads. There is something just so magical about it.

One Republic-Good Life- Montreal Old Port

Ryan Tedder is full of charisma and oozing with boyish charm, when he spoke a few French words, the crowded started screaming.  And when the Old Port appeared in the back drop during the "Good life" the screams just got louder.  I love how they managed to incorporate "Montreal" into the song.

And then this popped up and the crowd went crazy and Lily and I were just confused. Perhaps they were going for a provincial flag theme in Canada to make it interesting?

One Republic Good Life-Quebec Flag

Scrolling through their instagram account, the flag of whatever country they were performing at would pop up during the "Good Life".  Umm do they know that Quebec is not an independent country? It's still part of Canada. I guess they weren't going with a provincial flag theme because when they performed in Ottawa the next day the Canadian flag made it's appearance.

I can sorta of forgive them for this blunder since they all donned on Habs jerseys. This definitely sent fans into an uproar given the fact that they performed during the playoffs.  At least they didn't wear Senator jerseys when they performed in Ottawa.

One Republic Habs jersey

Yes, that is Ryan Tedder on top of a piano!

They are definitely a band to see live if you have the chance. You will not be disappointed. If you're curious about what it feels to see them live, you can check our our vlog here.

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