Sunday, 18 October 2015

MTL À Table 2015

Mtl a table -food

Curious about the foodie scene in Montreal? Now is the perfect time to check it out.  From Oct 29 to Nov 8 a series of restaurants will be participating in Mtl à Table.

Montreal has a huge foodie scene, and one of the best way to experience the Montreal foodie scene is via Mtl à Table. The break down:  all the restaurants participating in the Mtl à Table week have set menus of 3 services that range from $21 to $41. Certain restaurants even have wining pairings with each service (for an additional fee of course). Don't fret my fellow vegetarians, many of the participating restaurants even have vegetarian options. There is something for everyone.

The best part of  Mtl à Table is that restaurants from all over the city are participating in  Mtl à Table unlike the other fooding week, where you're basically limited to just the restaurants in the Old port (which by the way are all pretty much owned by the same group).

This is one of best a ways to try new restaurants without breaking the bank.  I personally always have a growing list of restaurants that I would like to try, but eating out so often can definitely take a toll on my bank account. When else can you get a 3 service meal for $21?! Last year, I tried 3 new restaurants and all 3 were delicious and tasty. If you're curious about my restaurant picks from last year click here, here, and here.

This year I already have 2 booked (EVOO and Le Bêtise). Maybe I'll squeeze in a third we'll see. Don't forget reservations are a must! During  Mtl à Table week, certain restaurants get booked up. So if you don't want to be turned away take a few minutes and make a reservation.

Let the eating begin!

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