Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Concert Uniform

Concert Uniform-1

I'm not the type of girl who gets super dressed up for concerts. I like to be as comfortable as much as possible because I'll probably be standing most of the time.  My concert uniform typically consists of  rip jeans, a white T, and of course comfortable shoes.

For the One Republic concert, I decided to be a little rocker so I opted for my Mackage leather jacket.    I have had this leather jacket for years and it's still going strong. Mackage is a Canadian brand, born in Montreal. They're known for their use of leather, details and tailored silhouettes; you can spot a Mackage jacket from a mile away.

This leather jacket automatically gives any outfit  a little edge, but the princess sleeves still gives it a girly charm.

Concert Uniform-2

My go to shoes for concerts is anything flat, this time, I opted for my Nylo combat boots.

Concert Uniform-3

I was a little hesitant about this Haltson Heritage bag, but something about it's shape drew me in. It kind of reminds me of a vintage camera bag.  I have to admit, this bag comes in quite handy.

Concert Uniform-4
Concert Uniform-5
This white T may look simple from the front, but all the details are on the back. I managed to snap this up for $15 during the Club Monaco moving sale. I can't believe I even doubted this purchase. 

Concert Uniform-6

If you people watch during a concert, it's quite interesting to see what people choose to wear.  They definitely rock their outfits, but I have to wonder how comfortable they are because believe it or not there is a lot of walking and standing involved.

For Enrique Iglesias girls were in skin tight dresses and sky heels. For Ariana Grande, I spotted a girl  in a midi bandeau skirt and 6 inches heels. Her skirt was so tight she had to walk up the stairs sideways.  I definitely do not want to be that girl who holds the flow of traffic as people make their way to the exit, I'm pretty sure all the people behind her were shooting her death stares.

Jacket: Mackage | Jeans: Joe's Jean | Top: Club Monaco | Purse: Haltson's Heritage | Shoes: Nylo

Mackage jackets are not exactly affordable, but the good news is the Braderie de Québécoise is this week! You'll be able to score a Mackage jacket for at least 50% off.  The Braderie de Québécoise starts the Oct 22 and runs until Oct 25. Be prepare, the Mackage booth has the longest line.

There is a VIP night before the sale opens to the public, if you would like an invite, you just need to do 2 things: 1. Comment below telling what your typically concert outfit is (don't forget to include your email) and 2. follow me on Bloglovin'. Once you've done those 2 things I will email you the invite, it is valid for 2 people.

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