Sunday, 6 December 2015

Holiday Make Up from Day to Night

Holiday makeup bag-1

It took me about 2 work X-mas dinners, but I finally learned how to pack just the essential items that will bring me from day time to night time.

Boy was it a rough learning curve. Curious about how I go from day time to night time,  keep reading.

One of my work X-mas dinners is actually a sit down dinner at a 4-5 star restaurant. For the first few dinners, they always  seem to land in the middle of the week which resulted in us getting ready at work then heading off to the the restaurant.  Once I realized I needed to get ready at work, I started googling and watching a ton of you-tube videos on how to transition your make up look from day time to night time.  It looked simple enough watching others do it, but when it came to real life not so much.

I was always perpetually afraid I may need something that I didn't think about when I was packing the night before, so the first year, I basically packed everything but the kitchen sink. I even brought fake lashes thinking I would use them. In case you're wondering if I did,  I didn't. I basically had everything I needed to reapply a full face of makeup.

Lesson #1: You really don't need as much as you think you do. You really don't.

The second X-mas, I reduced the number of products I bought, but I realized I still had too much. One thing you need to keep in mind, is the limited number of bathrooms and counter space you have access to.  We have access to about 3 bathrooms (none of which have any counter space), which is not bad if my department did not consist of about 15-20 females. I always end up having to touch up my make up at my desk, but do you really want your co-workers watching you pull out an arsenal of makeup.

Lesson #2: Keep it as simple as you can, you really just want to re-fresh your makeup and add a little drama.

After that, I realized I just really need to limit to products that will help me freshen up my makeup after 8 hours.  Now, if I have to go from daytime to night time, this is what I will bring.

Holiday makeup essentials

I have since learned to basically heavily apply my base make up as if I was going out for an event in the morning. Which means slapping on the primers, foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush and then locking everything in with a make up setting spray.

I keep my eye make up pretty simple, but I make sure I to bring a palette that I can use to add a little drama for the nighttime.

Shu uemura raspberry and mocha palette

My go to eye palette has been this Shu Uemura  rasberry & mocha  palette, it has light shades perfect for the daytime and darker shades for some nighttime drama.  Always remember to bring some eye make up brushes, you don't need 50 million, just a blending, crease, and flat shader brush.  With these products, I can easily create a smokey eye.  And of course you can forget a eyelash curler and mascara for  final touch ups.

Shu uemura blush and highlighter, chanel press powder, make up brushes

For the face, an essential for me is blotting papers to soak up any extra oil from the day.  I always bring concealer just in case I need to touch up certain spots.  A new trick I picked up from watching Tati the glam life guru, is bring a make up puff with you.  Tati's tip basically eliminates the need to add on extra products. Bonus it also prevents you from looking like you have cake face. Once I have re-blended everything I'll top off with some blush and highlighter.

MUFE mist and fix spray, YVL lip stain

And Finally I re-spray my face with a setting spray. I tend to emphasis my eyes more than my lips, so usually for lip products I prefer to use a lip stain, which by nighttime would have built up to a nice darker shade.  Some little extras that you can also pop into your make up bag is some make up remover to fix any mishaps and of course lip balm.

Hopefully these tips help you bring your makeup from daytime to nighttime. If you have any other tips, please comment below.

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