Friday, 18 September 2015

J'adore White Sneakers

coach Aurora sneakers

No shoe wardrobe is complete without a pair of classic white sneakers.

There is just something about a pair of classic white sneakers that adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. I have been living in these all summer long. You can say I adore white sneakers.

I've been searching high and low all summer for the perfect pair of white sneakers. I even considered purchasing the Adidas Stan Smith pair our of desperation, but I just couldn't pull the trigger.  One,  I constantly kept seeing everyone with them, which made me want them even less. Two, I wasn't fan of the thicker sole.  I know there is a model of with a thinner sole, but I was not a fan of the pop of green.  I could have gone with a pair of white converses, but is it just me of do they tend to make people's feet look big?

Then I spotted these at the Bay (FYI, I love shopping at the Bay), the Coach Aurora sneakers met all my requirements.  They had a thin sole, they were simple plain leather sneakers with just a pop of color, and they were white.  Actually they are slightly off white which didn't really bother me, I found that the off white gave them a more vintage feel. I ended up picking up 2 pairs because, they were super discounted (although for some reason the red pair was much more reduced compared to the blue pair!?). To be honest, I actually couldn't decide between the red or blue, I actually planned on returning one pair.  That obviously did not happen but at least I won't have to tracked down another white pair of sneakers when one pair bites the dust.

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